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The high concentrated anti-aging-crème is specifically antagonizing the signs of the times of your skin. It is inducing an efficient and extremely fast reduction of wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, eye circles and small scars. Already short after application the depth of the wrinkle is visibly reduced and the skin is smoothed. It just as positively affects the streamlining of large-pored skin.

Our #one is the newest revolution in the field of natural anti-aging and was developed through long tests and is produced with highest quality standards in Switzerland. #one will set new standards in impact and user friendliness.

The immediate-effect occurs depending on the type of skin already after 2-3 minutes and is clearly visible, the full streamlining is reached after about 7 minutes. Putting make-up on is no problem after the crème has fully dried. The impact lasts up to 12 hours and can be reactivated through moistening it.

The big advantage from #one compared to rival products is the preservation of the natural facial expressions and skin surface and a traceless application.

Besides the elaborate formula out of highly efficient active substances for the immediate-effect of the crème, selected additives with different concentration are worked into the product. Which are caring for the long term effect and are giving the product balanced overall galenics. Especially these are 14 well-matched oils which are supplying the cuticle with a sufficient amount of moisture and let it appear tighter.

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